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The Recent Situation of Used Excavator Market

The Recent Situation of Used Excavator Market


The recent situation of the market commands of used engineering machine equipment such as used excavator are increasing day by day because of the distinct advantage of higher cost performance of those. By now, the used equipment market in China is not very matured but in a mess. The whole market is still in the basic stage of development that the scale of business majors are small with many limited elements lacking of forced management and overall planning. The used excavator equipment exchanging form is scattered that above 80% are private business which makes the users stay in an inferior position.

To improve the overall level of the used excavator business enterprises, avoid business risks and increase the market credibility, from the day of March the first in 2010, the national marketing standard, “general rules of used equipment distribution technological specification” (SB/T 10529-2009) was put into implementation. Engineering machines like excavators have their special performance that mostly an equipment will has a short time of lay-up period after the project finished which makes the distribution of engineering machine great that provides an important source for the used-hand equipment, for instance, the used excavator. The Chinese engineering machine industry has experienced fix years of high speed development, and now it has come into the equipment lay-up period. The majority part of the users is willing to update so the market has a profound blue sprint. Used-hand machine equipment, the used excavators, is welcome to customers because of their high cost performance especially the customers of the small and medium sized business who are at the developing stage and need to increase income and reduce expenditure. According to the survey statistical data from Chinese used product association, the total volume of national used engineering equipment including used excavators in 2006 was about 34 billion; it reached 48 billion in 2007, 8 million in 2008 and 1 trillion in 2009. The average yearly increasing ration was over 20% and this industry developed rapidly.

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