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Tips of Maintaining Used Excavator

Tips of Maintaining Used Excavator


As time passed by, more and more high tech products are coming into being, which is in accordance with the modernized society and used excavator included. What is more, it is increasingly welcomed for its variety of specific advantages. However, there are a number of people who do not know clearly about used excavator. Used excavator, as its name suggested, is obviously second hand excavator, which is processed by machine parts from different excavator. Used excavator has a shorter lifespan than newly ones in general. What is more, it may perform not as good as the newly ones does. Therefore, it is really very important to take good maintenance of used excavator. Maintenance is one of the ways to restore the good performance and prolong its lifespan. However, many people take maintenance in a wrong way when they maintain their used excavator.

I would like to share some maintenance tips for used excavator with you in the following. No misuses of butter are allowed. Some mechanic would cover the cylinder with a piece of butter when they are being installed. This would increase the tightness of the diesel engine. However, this would influence the normal use of used excavator, especially the operation of diesel engine. When used excavator is installed, pay attention to matching cylinder linear and piston product. When changing the mechanical part of the machine, be sure they are new, standard and interchangeable. Actually, the size and capacity of each part are designed in a certain range. If your machine requires rather large size part, and you made a quiet small one to replace it, it will cause trouble or even stop working. Check each part of the used excavator carefully before putting it into use. It is a kind of large-scaled machine, so safety for both operator and aside workers are very important. If each part of them is broken, or just abnormal, check and repair it at once.

One another important you should keep in mind while you are maintaining your used excavator is that do not measure the cylinder clearance in a wrong way. As for piston, it should be in the direction of piston skirt. Tire pressure should not be too high, because as we all know, if it is too high or too low can affect the lifespan of the used excavator and they will be not conductive to safe driving, this is especially important in summer seasons. When it is winter, keep the oil tank and water tank dry when it stopped work. And do not add cold water in the tank immediately. For that this can very easily because broken to the tank. And change the engine oil regularly. Above are some important maintenance tips for used excavator. I deeply believe that they will do you some favor in your future used excavator use.