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Future Development of Used Excavator

Future Development of Used Excavator


In recent years, Chinese government pays more attention to infrastructure constructions, such as road, railway, water conservancy and social security housing, which apprehend the requirement of mechanical engineering. Used excavator, as the leader of mechanics, develops at a fast speed that people are amazed and the future development of used excavator is promising. As a result, its sales amount rises linearly in recent years. However, a series of problem occurred when it is developing fast. Such as related used excavator regulations neither are nor perfected and its tax system is not completed.

At present, the situation of used excavator is that abroad brands occupied a large percentage in market both in domestic and abroad. In china's market, the main brands are foreign-made. Such as from Japan, which is the largest provider for second hand goods? And china imports a lot of main mechanical equipment from Japan. Used excavator sold in the market is mainly by individuals, rather than formal companies or manufactures. Used excavators are rented in rent houses were having been used for 3 to 5 years in general. Some used excavators are refurbished by producers, dealers and refurbishing manufactures.

In addition, there exists some bad quality used excavators in market. However, such kind of equipment always sold among individuals. This type of machine is with bad quality, low performance; some are even processed by abandoned mechanical parts. According to a series of researches, China's used excavators market at present is mainly composed of individual and folk transaction. Profitable Rent Company still does not shape up and cannot influence used excavator market at great extent. What should catch people's attention is that in recent years, domestic capital used excavator manufactures and refurbished dealers are try their best to develop used excavators market. China will be very possible to be the main source market in the near future.

As is known to all of us, excavators brand can be classified as European series, Japan series, Korea series and domestic series. Caterpillar is the representative of European series excavator. As for Japan series, Japan dealers and manufactures try all their effort on excavator, they refurbished and accumulate a great deal of experience, as a result, they have shaped up its refurbishing and recreating system. After 2000, Hitachi introduced its business module to China and drive China's market developing a lot. Incomplete is the main problem of used excavators in China's market. It is still in the prior period. Market itself should perfect and government should take some measures and come up with some regulations to regulate the market. A suit of scientific quality estimating system is also very important. Low the cost of each procedure to the least is also very necessary if possible. All in all, the future development of used excavator is quiet expecting.